ClosersCopy Review: Best AI Copywriting Tool in 2022

ClosersCopy is an AI writing tool based on machine learning. It analyzes thousands of articles written by professional writers and helps you write better content.

You can make high-quality long-form content such as Blog posts, Sales Page, video scripts. Short-form content like Emails, product descriptions, Facebook Ads, Google Ads Copy. ClosersCopy is the only tool that will allow you to create your own custom framework with their AI and GPT-3! 

Table of Contents

Key Features of ClosersCopy

  • 3 AI Model : Sales AI, Blog AI, Story AI
  • 2 Language Model: GPT3 & Closescopy own AI
  • Custom Framework
  • Compete option : Write For Me From SERP Competitor
  • NLP Keywords Optimization
  • Longfrom Content: With Context, Shortcut and Creativity Slider
  • High-Quality Sales and Email Wizard
  • Sentence Sentiment, Word Density, Spam, Voice Check
  • 130+ Language Translator: DeepL & Google
  • Lifetime Deal Option

closerscopy lifetime deal

You can get ClosersCopy Lifetime deal in 3 ways: 

Name Price Limitation 
Professional Lifetime$237/ one-time200 runs or 120k words / Month
Unlimited Lifetime$367/one-timeNo Limitation
Unlimited Lifetime
Payment Plan
$129 / installmentTotal $387
closerscopy lifetime deal Pricing

ClosersCopy Special Lifetime Deal (End soon) 

  • Get Unlimited Plan Lifetime $311/ one-time

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closerscopy discount code

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closerscopy discount code
closerscopy discount code
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closerscopy vs jarvis

closerscopy vs jarvis (jasper)
closerscopy vs jarvis (jasper)
LTD Subscription Lifetime Deal⭐No LTD
AI Copywriting3 AI ⭐1 AI
On Click Write From SERPCompete Option⭐
Thesaurus Words

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closerscopy reviews

ClosersCopy AI Models : Which One To Use?

ClosersCopy AI Models
ClosersCopy AI Models
  1. SalesAI: Trained to write sales pages, ads and promotional emails.
  2. BlogAINew: Trained to write articles, blogs and press-releases.
  3. StoryAINew: Trained to write stories.

ClosersCopy Features Explain 


This is the newest addition to ClosersCopy’s belt. If you want to find random information in a few seconds, this is a great tool. There are different relevant articles available with the most recent ones on top positions so we can use them as sample content about this specific.

Just enter a keyword, such as “what’s the best sports car of all time,” Then click write for me and then let the magic happen. 

You don’t have to read every page, just choose the pages that are suitable for your article. The ClosersCopy can be used to write the pages into your article. It shows all the details of your competition, such as the number of words, paragraphs, sentences, and keywords.

You don’t need a CloserCopy special editor to write long-form content. It’s a very good tool for the creation of any kind of content. Give a topic or keyword then: 

  • Click on Expand 
  • Select Long Form Editor 
  • Use Ctrl+Enter to start writing  Compose / Shortcut This feature is for quick compositions of your content. You don’t need a CloserCopy shortcut editor to create a short article. It’s a very good tool for the creation of any kind of content.

Other Right-Click Options: 

  • Expand : Ctrl+Q 
  • Improve: Ctrl+J
  • Rewrite: Ctrl+R 
  • Summarize: Ctlr+S 
  • Expand (GPT-3): Ctrl+E 
  • Save 
  • Translate 
  • Copy 
  • Pest 
  • Delete 

Longform Shortcut

Longform Shortcut
Longform Shortcut

Use AI Connector to write with just one click, you can use the “New Shortcut” option to create a custom shortcut.

Closerscopy has a different framework you can use to create your content. Consequently, you can use one or more of them in your article.

Closerscopy lets you make your own custom frameworks or templates, making it the only AI writing tool that does. If you want to save hours of writing, give it a try to the custom framework. 

Besides you can find lots of community frameworks, that are shared by other members of ClosersCopy. You can access all the ClosersCopy community’s frameworks via the Frameworks tab. 

ClosersCopy has some of the most customizable templates around and has something for everyone from small businesses to large corporations. From social media ads to sales letters, there’s a template for you. No matter what kind of writing you need, ClosersCopy will give you some guidance on how to make it better.

4.1 Templates

4.2 Thesaurus 

Lookup synonyms and antonyms 

4.3 Words 

Look up Meaningful Words and Phrases 

4.4 Backups 

Use Proven Template to compose your first draft 

Sales Letters 

  • Quick Start Template
  • Ultimate Template
  • Story Template
  • Coach Template
  • Book Template
  • Advertisers Template


  • Perfect Email 
  • Cart Abandoned 
  • Story Welcome
  • Free Training 
  • Free report 
  • Trail Access 
  • Calls
  • Testimonials 
  • Referral Request 
  • Discount Promotion 
  • No Response Follow-Up 
  • Webinar Invitation
  • Subscription Upgrade 
  • New Feature 
  • Demo Offer 
  • Testimonial Show-Off Promotion 
  • VIP Backstage Pass Promotion 
  • FAQ Promotion 
  • Limited Reopening Pormotion 
  • Final Call Promotion
  • Handiling Fears Promotion 
  • Just Opened Promotion 
  • Word Email 
  • Cold Email 
  • Recruting Affiliates 
  • Getting Called 
  • Software update 
  • Retail

5.1 Quick Start Template 

  • Headline 
  • Problem 
  • Amplification 
  • Solution
  • Testimonial 
  • Offer 
  • Call to Action 

5.2 Ultimate Template 

  • Headline 
  • Opening 
  • Problem 
  • Solution 
  • Benefits 
  • Proof 
  • Value Justification 
  • Guarantee 
  • Bonus 
  • FAQ 
  • Summary 
  • Urgency 
  • Call to Action 
  • Diclaimer 

5.3 Story Template 

  • Headline 
  • Intro 
  • Backstory 
  • Discovery 
  • Benefits & Result 
  • Call To Action 

5.4 Coach Template 

  • Headline 
  • Letterhead 
  • Opening 
  • Relationship 
  • Problem 
  • Reinforce 
  • Solution 
  • Offer 
  • Social Proof 
  • Recap 
  • Value Justification 
  • Guarantee 
  • Call To Action 

5.5 Book Template 

  • Headline 
  • Opening 
  • Disclaimer 
  • Offer 
  • Benegits 
  • Pricing 
  • Bonus 
  • Scarcity 
  • Guarantee 
  • Call To Action 
  • Post Script 

5.6 Advertisers Template 

  • Headline 
  • Problem 
  • Amplification SOlution 
  • Testimonials 
  • Offer
  • CTA 

Closerscop Insights
  • Analyzing Emotions
  • Analyzing Sentence
  • Analyzing Density
  • Spam Check
  • Analyzing Voice

  • PDF 
  • DOCX 

Powered by DeepL Total: 30 language

Closerscopy Language Powered by DeepL
Closerscopy Language Powered by DeepL

Powered by Google: Total 109 language

Closerscopy Language Powered by Google

Workflows – a structured way to use multiple Frameworks in a sequence.

A typical workflow for drafting a blog could be:

  1. Idea framework
  2. Title framework
  3. Outline framework
  4. Introduction framework
  5. Conclusion framework

  • Dark Mode / Light Mode 
  • Full Screen Mode 
  • Save Content 
  • Copyriting Tutorials : Copyriting 101 
  • Go To Main Documents Option 

ClosersCopy Frameworks 

I will briefly discuss all of the frameworks in this section.

  1. AIDA (Updated): Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  2. AIDA (Creative):  
  3. BAB: Before, After Bridge 
  4. PAS: Problem, Agitate, Solve 
  5. Google Ads: Write Google Ads

  1. Outline: Write an outline for your next blog 
  2. Title: Let AI Suggest a title for your next blog 
  3. Introduction: Let AI Write The Intro For You 
  4. Conclusion: Let’s use AI to conclude our topic and work our way up 
  5. Bullet Points to Paragraph: Turn your blog bullet points into paragraph 
  6. Paragraph to Bullet Points: Turn your paragraph into bullet points 
  7. Lead In (Blogs Recepi): Lead your audience into your blog 
  8. Big Idea Answe (Blogs Recepi): Use this framwork address the main question 
  9. Read on (Blogs Recepi): Use this framwork to transition into your subheadings 
  10. Subheadings (Blogs Recepi): Use this framwork to outline your subheadings 

  1. Challenges: Biggest challenges when overcoming XYZ.
  2. Interview Question:Find your next interview question

  1. Introduction: Write a personbal introduction for your course module 
  2. Outline: write an outline for your course module 

  1. Guarantee: Write a guarantee for your direct response sales copy 

  1. Subject line: Find a subject line by providing the topic of your email. 
  2. Opening: Write the opening paragraph for an email.
  3. Call to Action: Write a long-from “call-to-action” for your email. 

  1. Headline: Write a catechy headline for your landing page 

  1. Helpultips: Provide a topic and let AI write a helful tipcs 
  2. Myths About: Provide a topic and let AI write myths about it 

  1. Catchy Name: Write catchy names for your next podcast 
  2. Episode Description: Write a description for your next podcast episode 

  1. Headlines: Write a list of press release headlines 

  1. Name: Write a list of a product name based on a description and keyword 
  2. Description: Write a product name 
  3. Benefits: Write a listicle of emotional benefits 
  4. Bullet Points to Paragraph: Turn your bullet points into paragraph 

  1. A or B: Let A.I. Find reasons for one or the other
  2. Answer the Question: Start a conversation and let A.I. answer your questions of life 
  3. Answer Listicle: Use A.I. to list answer as a listicle.
  4. Pull Answer: Write casual poll answers based on a question 
  5. Q & A: Write a Q&A for any given topic 
  6. Topic Question: Use A.I. to discover question about any given topic 
  7. Sarcastic Answer: Use A.I. write sarcastic answers. 

  1. Amazon: Write Amazon reviews 
  2. Book: Write a review for a book 
  3. Movie: Write a review for a Movie 
  4. Product: Write a review for a Product
  5. Restaurant: Write a Restaurant reviews. 
  6. Service: Write a review for a Service 

  1. Title: Write SEO Titles 
  2. Meta Description: Write SEO meta descriptions 

  1. Instagram Bio (Creative): Write a creative bio for Instagram
  2. Instagram Bio (Emotional): Write a Emotional bio for Instagram
  3. Linkedin Bio: Write a professional bio for Linkedin.
  4. Linedin Post: Write a professional post for Linkedin
  5. Hastags: Write hastags for any given topic 
  6. Captions: Write social media captions 

  1. Storybrand beta : Write Story of your brand 

  1. Explain: Explain a concept to a child 
  2. Explain (paragraph): Explain a paragraph to a child 
  3. Rephrase: Rephrase and enhance any sentence or paragraph 
  4. Improve: Improve and enhance any sentence or paragraph 

  1. Step By Step: Write step by step “how to” instruction 

  1. Hook: How engaged is your audience? Hook em! 
  2. Opening: No idea how to begin your video? Use this framwork 
  3. Ideas: Find engaging ideas for your next YouTube Video and go viral 
  4. Channel Description: write a catchy description for your youtube channel and get more subscribe 
  5. Video Description: Write a catchy description for your YouTube video and get more views

What Powers Closerscopy?

Closerscopy uses machine learning technologies and language models to speed up your writing process.

OpenAi is an artificial intelligence research laboratory based in San Francisco. The potential to automate tasks is one of the things that could be useful for companies. Any text that you type into a computer can be responded to by the GPT 3 artificial intelligence.

What Powers Closerscopy
What Powers Closerscopy

When you type in a full English sentence to a search box, you are most likely to get a response in a human-like sentence that is relevant. Predicting is based on what it sees most often, so it can make better predictions as time goes on.

How was Closerscopy born?

A Closerscopy born with an Artificial Intelligence.

The main goal of the breakthrough was to make a tool that people can use to automate their daily tasks. This will be useful for any business that needs more help with their work.

There is an artificially intelligent computer program called the GPT 3 that can answer any text you type into it. Depending on how you write your input into the system, it can either answer with a relevant piece of information or just make up a random answer. If you want this search function to find you an appropriate response in a short amount of time, then this is the tool for you. 

ClosersCopy : What can it be used for?

You can use Closerscopy from write copy (Blog Post) to marketing materials, such as social media ads, product descriptions. 

You’ll learn how to write engaging headlines and posts that will keep readers interested no matter what type of content they come across. You will be able to use these new skills to create your own Facebook ad by using either AIDA or PAS strategy.

This isn’t your typical copywriting tool. Thereafter, you will see how to use your copywriting tools in other areas of your business, such as on landing pages, sales letters, and even in product descriptions and reviews. 

What Exactly Will ClosersCopy Do for Me?

Closerscopy can be used to help with the creation of content. You have your own personal assistant.

ClosersCopy is an online resource that anyone can use to become a better writer. There is a lot of sample ad copy, powerful words to use, and artificial intelligence features to expand, shorten, and rewrite your sentences.

It can be a guide to creating compelling, engaging, and profitable ad copy if you are a beginner. If you are a professional writer, it can help you write powerful ad copy and get more leads and sales. It’s worth it if you want to use the service to make your own stuff.

Should You Get the Closerscopy?

Content is king, for any online business content is essential especially if your site is selling a product or service. But you need more than just great content: You need great content that’s distributed throughout your entire website so it reaches your target audience.

Whether they’re searching on Google or they find your content via a social media post. And this is where the importance of SEO content comes in.

Should You Get the Closerscopy
Should You Get the Closerscopy

Outsourcing your copy to a third party can be a pretty pricey venture, but it can definitely save time, money and make you more profitable. Just be sure you know what you’re getting into and that it’s in your best interest.

If you want to save hours of time and money then CloserCopy is the tool for you. You can generate triple x content by using AI-powered technology to analyze your content and then create unique, high-quality, SEO-optimised content from it.

So, should you get the closerscopy? Well, it depends on your needs. If you’re looking to save some money, I’d recommend checking out Closerscopy as a must. 

Do I Need Prior Knowledge to Get Started?

Yes but it’s better that you read the Getting Started Guide Inside the Tool.

You need to understand the basics of how to use closerscopy and how to understand the concept. You will learn a lot of tips and tricks on how to make it a powerful tool in your work.

  1. Understand Closerscopy interface
  2. How GPT3 work, so that you know the importance of input 
  3. Try different frameworks and save fevorite one as your needs 

How Is ClosersCopy Different from Other Copywriting Tools?

When it comes to marketing campaigns, time is the most important factor. ClosersCopy is used to help writers write effective marketing copy. All you have to do is select a suitable template and enter your basic information, as the tool has proven templates for many industries. 

By Blog AI you can generate high-quality content for your blog by selecting a suitable blog post topic and entering your information in the right fields. You can even choose from a wide range of different writing styles that are tailored to the type of audience you want to attract.

When it comes to Sales AI, you can generate high-quality copy for your landing page or sales letter, as well as other types of content, including emails and social media posts. By Story AI you can create powerful and engaging content for your website.

For whom is Closerscopy the ideal solution?

  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Blogger
  • Professional copywriters
  • Expert copywriters
  • Copywriting enthusiasts
  • High-converting copy
  • long-form copy for Content marketing
  • Email Campaigns 
  • Short-form Content ( Ex: Email subject)

If you want the all-in-one copywriting app then get an Unlimited plan. The discount code is for a Limited time only. 

Closerscopy Pros and Cons


  • Prebuild Templates
  • 3 AI Model : Sales AI, Blog AI, Story AI
  • 2 Language Model: GPT3 & Closescopy own AI 
  • Custom Framework System 
  • Compete option : Write For Me From SERP Competitor 
  • High Quality Sales and Email Wizard 
  • 130+ Language Translator:  DeepL & Google
  • Comes with an intuitive user interface and an editor
  • Longform
  • Workflow


  • Compete option is not properly optimize need update 

FAQs About ClosersCopy

Do I Get Updates?

With the unlimited lifetime package, you get Future Innovations and all the updates.

Is There a Lifetime Deal?

Yes, they currently lifetime deal. But the lifetime deal offered by Closerscopy will end soon.

Is ClosersCopy worth the money?

Yes, if you purchase the Lifetime Deal, You will get Unlimited Lifetime, Zero monthly fees. No upsells, ever!

Does ClosersCopy work for Mac and PC?

ClosersCopy is completely cloud-based, you can use it on any device.

Does ClosersCopy offer a Free-Trial?

You need to purchase the software to use it. They don’t offer a free trial, but a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

ClosersCopy Alternatives

Jarvis is one of the main alternatives for closerscopy.

Is the content ClosersCopy generates original?

Yes, it’s original content. It’s very difficult to create a unique, original piece of content. The only way to achieve this is by using AI technology that can read the text and then create unique content from it. I personally checked the generated content with plagiarism checker tools like Copyscape and similar ones. 

Learn ClosersCopy With Step By Step Guide


CloserCopy is a powerful copywriting software it can save lots of time by providing you great assistant support for your content. I hope this review will help you make the right decision when buying copywriting tools. 

In my opinion, it’s worth the money, if you are a beginner. But if you are a professional writer, you can get a lot of benefits from ClosersCopy. I would highly recommend you to check out the software and see for yourself. They are currently offering lifetime deals which will end soon grebe it before the lifetime deal ends.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below.  

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  2. Get ClosersCopy ltd
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