How To Use ClosersCopy — Ultimate Guide [2022 Update]

Closerscopy is a content creation tool that can help you create awesome content for your business. It is a powerful AI-powered writing tool that can help you write great copy. If you need to write compelling sales pages, or create better blog posts or product descriptions, Closerscopy has got you covered. 

In this article, we’ll explain how Closerscopy works and how to use it. We will update this post every month and cover everything in step by step. Make sure to save this post as a bookmarks.

ClosersCopy Dashboard Overview

  1. Dashboard: Where you will create your project folder, You can create your all content related to the project under the project folder.
  2. Search: Search your content by name 
  3. Sort Content: Sort by A-Z, Z-A, Last modified, Last Created, Favorite
  4. New Document: Click to create document. 

How To Create New Document In ClosersCopy?

  1. Name: Name your content 
  2. Description: add your personal note 
  3. Move Document: Move Your Document to other project folder 
  4. Archive Document: Archive Your Document 
  5. Delete Document 
  6. Edit Document Name and Description 
  7. Copy or Duplicate Document 
  8. Mark as favorite document 
  9. Open Document to start writing 
  10. Show or Hide Archive Document 

ClosersCopy Main Right Click Options

ClosersCopy Main Right Click Options
  1. Expand : Uses ClosersCopy’s AI
  2. Improve: keeps your writing style and your words in place
  3. Rewrite : Formerly REPHRASE with 600 character selection limit
  4. Summarize : Shorten your paragraph
  5. Expand with GPT-3: Uses OpenAI’s DaVinci
  6. Save: Save your work as a TEMPLATE 
  7. Translate : Get output on your preferred language
  8. Copy 
  9. Pest 
  10. Delete 
  11. PANEL – Flexible and can be drag to left

ClosersCopy Left Menu

ClosersCopy Left Menu
  1. Compete: Get the TOP 10 or 20 ranking pages from Google
  2. Longform: Use for creating longform content fast
  3. Frameworks: Use the built-in templates or create your custome frameworks
  4. Workflow: multiple Frameworks in a sequence 
  6. Wizard: Use proven templates to compose your sales letters7. Libraries 
  8. Downloads: Get a copy of your file in DOC or PDF format
  9. Language:  Get output on your preferred language 
  10. Dark Mode:     DARK MODE or LIGHT MODE
  11. Full Screen : GO FULL SCREEN
  12. Save: Manually save your document
  13. Copywriting 101
  14. Go To Documents

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How To Use ClosersCopy Improve Feature ?

  • keeps your writing style
  • and your words in place
  • while come up with slight variations
  • By nature, Improve does not rewrite your copy
  • It’s more like changing words and (maybe) structure.

How To Save Template In ClosersCopy?

A template can have multiple sections. Headlines, Openings, Guarantees, etc. they are all sections. Each section can have multiple copy blocks. A copy block is a unique text variation with a different wording or a completely different angle. Of course, you don’t have to follow this hierarchy. Just know it’s there and adapt it to your needs.

  • You can organize them in the same way we organize the default templates.
  • You’ll be able to use the drag and drop features on them, too.

How To Use ClosersCopy Compete Option?

This replaces the previous auto blog writing feature “Compose”. Compete combines SERP data plus AI writing by allowing you to comb through top search ranking articles and use the results you find as inspiration to kickstart your writing. However, keep in mind that this is a BETA feature and the results may not be to your satisfaction at the moment.

  • You enter a search query.
  • Compete analyzes the top 20 results from Google and breaks them down for you!
  • We also added some SEO insights, like keyword clusters!
  • Oh, you may also just enter your website URL and analyze it.
  • Input length for your instruction from 1500 to 5000 characters.
  • Compete now comes with “Write for me” ! Write for me sends the SERP content to AI.
  • AI makes sense of it and comes back with uniqueness.
  • If we consider the crawled content as factual. You’ll now get factual AI content back!
  • Try it for yourself and compose an entire blog, simply by clicking Write for me on the sections you like.

Compete – Answer the Question 

Answering questions, right inside Compete.

Compete- Optimize Your Content 

Optimize helps us to hit the metrics that make our blogs rank. This first iteration is about structure. Soon, Optimize will show more metrics, such as keywords.

Compete – Optimize Content With NLP Keywords

  • Optimize helps us to hit the metrics that make our blogs rank.
  • This second iteration is about NLP Keywords (English only).
  • Soon, NLP Keywords will be available for more languages!

How To Use Closerscopy Longfrom ?

when you want to spam the “write for me” button to quickly write out multiple paragraphs to help fill in your article body

Here’s a beginners video for Longform. It’s shows how you can use the technique of “open-ended sentences” to guide AI into ANY direction (with commentary):

Longform (Multiple Outputs)

  • AI can provide 2 alternatives at reasonable speed.
  • Right now, this works for EN only
  • You can now trigger “Frameworks” via Control+ENTER, too! 

Longform Shortcuts

Use longform shortcuts to relate between ideas and link one paragraph to another, smoothly! 

Longform Custom Shortcuts 

With this update, you can add your own custom shortcuts to the list. Your custom shortcuts will only be visible to you.

How To Setup ClosersCopy Workflow? 

When working with Frameworks. It’s a lot of going back-and-forth! Workflows is a structured way to use multiple Frameworks in a sequence.

A typical workflow for drafting a blog could be:

  • Idea framework
  • Title framework
  • Outline framework
  • Introduction framework
  • Conclusion framework

You can build your own workflows, and share them with the community, or use shared workflows from the community!

How To Use ClosersCopy Language Feature ?

It’s a 2 step process:

  • Set your output language (left toolbar)
  • Write your copy (context to AI) in that language

So… if you want AI to write German copy: Select German from your left toolbar. Write German copy and send it to AI

ClosersCopy AI Model Selector: Bottom

  1. Sales AI
  2. Blog AI
  3. Stories AI

SalesAI – that’s what I call our current AI model. Its the only AI model that is specifically trained on proven sales copy. It writes to sell! But that’s also it’s biggest drawback. You can’t really tone it down. And selling is not always what we need.

BlogAI – a brand new model, trained to write blogs, articles and the like. Compared to SalesAI, it’s tone is more informative. It doesn’t always try to sell and if it does, it is not that pushy.

StoryAI – a model, trained to write stories (if you give it proper context).

ClosersCopy Team Member Options 

The teams feature lets you assign your teammates to your projects. Your mates need their own CC account, but they don’t necessarily need to own a license. They can be on the “free plan”. Once signed up, navigate to your profile, click “Teams” and add your mates. Right now, there’s a limit of 3 members.

Rules For Team Members 

  • Your assigned mates will use your license inside the projects you assign them to.
  • Your assigned mates will use their own license inside projects they’ve created themselves. If they don’t own a license, they will be on the “free plan” inside their own projects.

That gives you some control over how your mates can use your license.

Once you set up your members, you navigate to your projects and assign them to the projects you want them to work on. You can choose between “read” and “write” permissions for each member and each project individually.

How to Assign Team Member for Specific Project ?

Since you can create unlimited projects, you can set up unlimited “workspaces” with individual groups of members.

If a member opens a document inside a project with “read” permissions, he / she will be notified and wouldn’t be able to make any edits.

How to Revoke or Delete Access ClosersCopy Team Member?

You can always revoke access or delete members from your team entirely. And of course you can add new members as long as you don’t hit the current limit. 

How To Share Template With Team Members 

You can now share a template from your personal library with your teammates, friends, fellow ClosersCopy members. basically everyone inside the CC universe.

It works like this:

  • You click on the “Teams” icon next to the template you want to share.
  • You receive a code that you send to whoever you want to share your library with.
  • Everyone can use your code to “subscribe” to your library.

You maintain this library.

  • You are the only one who can modify it.
  • And your changes will be reflected inside the libraries of your “subscribers”.
  • Right now, you can’t revoke access to a library. But I have plans to add this.

Closerscopy Framework 

Short form content templates like AIDA, blog outline, ads, product descriptions, etc. Pre-built ones are still being refined for better output. But in the meantime, you can also make your own custom Frameworks for better targeted results for your niche and style, or try out some that have been shared by the community.

How To Create Custom Framework With Closerscopy  

Step 1: Custom Frameworks Create  Video 1

The first video shows how context makes or breaks your output. This is not related to copywriting, but still very relevant when working with AI.

Step 2: Custom Frameworks Video 2

The second video shows how we apply the principles from the first video to a real-world copywriting example.

Step 3: Custom Frameworks Video 3

The third video shows how you create a custom framework based on the instruction from the second video.

Frameworks Example 

In case you want to play around with the Instruction I used, you can unlock it with the template code: 9L8XVI (Go to: Libraries, Templates, Shared Templates, Unlock Template)

How To Build a Custom Framework from Scratch

In this short demo, I am creating a custom framework from scratch. It’s made for pizza restaurant owners who want to use AI to generate ideas for their short-form ads.

Here’s the link to the Facebook ads library I used to research ads:

Community Frameworks 

You can share your Framework with the community, and revoke access at any time if you don’t feel it’s a good fit any longer. Your data is safe!

The underlying data (how your Framework is trained) won’t be visible to anyone. Closerscopy went back and forth on this with a few users and evaluated that data might be sensitive and people feel more comfortable sharing if they know their data and hard work is safe.

If you use a community framework and would like to learn about the underlying data and how it was trained, please reach out to the author. 

Custom Frameworks- Closer’s Copy: How to Create Super Effective Frameworks

Framework Labels: Organizing Community Frameworks

Framework Labels helps you to organize your community frameworks.

You can:

  • Change the category (helps with grouping)
  • Change the name
  • Sort frameworks (natural sorting of numbers and chars)
  • Revert to the original labels (by saving “empty” labels)

Frameworks Favorites Advanced Level 

Favorites let you put your favorite frameworks into the same list. It might be a bit complex at first, but it’s super powerful!

How To Write Blog Outlines 

The task was to create an outline for gifts every fisherman needs. If you use this as your input to the blog outline framework, you’ll get fairly broad gift ideas. Not necessarily what you are looking for! However, if you already know you want to write about product gifts, then think outside that “gift box” and tweak your inputs a bit.

How to write social media Captions with ClosersCopy AI? 

How To Write Complete Blog Post With Blog Recipe 

You may use these frameworks in order to craft your first draft.

You’ll find them under “Blogs (Recipe)” !

1. Title: Use this framework to come up with a bunch of title ideas for your blog.

2. Lead In: Use this framework to write the first 1-3 sentences to lead your audience in.

3. Big Idea Answer: Your blog should focus on one big idea / topic and address one key question. Giving the answer early builds trust. You should know/research your “big idea” and formulate the key question manually. Use this framework to help answer it.

4. Read On: By giving the answer to the key question, you already gave a lot of value. Use this framework to evoke further curiosity to keep your audience engaged and transition them into your subheadings.

5. Subheadings: Use this framework to outline your subheadings. Using these frameworks in order gives you a solid opening and enough context to jump straight into Longform. (You can literally use LongForm to fill all these subheadings.)

Use this as your first draft. Don’t shy away from editing and enhancing your blog.


ClosersCopy is an amazing tool for creative professionals. The key to learning anything is to practice. This is true for creative art as well. Save this post as a bookmark because we update it regularly. This will help you begin with closerscopy. If you have a question, you can ask it on the official Facebook page or comment below.


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