StoryShots Review: Learn About Bestselling Books in 15 Minutes

Struggling to find the time to read the latest nonfiction bestsellers? Check out StoryShots, the app designed to help you power through your reading list with handpicked content and original summaries of bestselling books.

Listen while you read or watch and share highlights and notes with others. Get access to full-length ebooks and audiobooks so you can learn something new quickly and conveniently.

StoryShots Key Features

Handpicked content and original summaries of bestselling books
Read, watch or listen to summaries
Text and audio playback options
Highlights and notes
Access to PDF and Kindle versions of specific titles
Change font for ebooks and playback speed for audiobooks
Personal bookshelf for keeping track of book progress
Multimedia content such as infographics, mind maps, animations and videos
Curated content such as author interviews
Multiple language options including Spanish, German, Japanese and Italian
Access to long-form audio and video content for selected titles

Five Reasons to Use StoryShots:

  1. Save time – shorten non-fiction reading with handpicked content and quick summaries
  2. Learn new topics quickly – with multimedia formats of audio, video, and text
  3. Listen and learn – access full-length ebooks and audiobooks
  4. Stay organized – share highlights and notes with others
  5. Keep up – stay informed with content related to bestselling books
StoryShots Review

“StoryShots changes the game for learning about the world’s bestselling books. Now you can get all the content you need in as little as 15 minutes.”


What is Storyshots?

StoryShots is an app that provides quick summaries of bestselling non-fiction books in multiple formats and languages. It enables users to listen while they read, share highlights, and access full-length books and audiobooks.

StoryShots currently offers 1000+ titles, with 300+ Audiobooks and 100+ Animations.


Benefits of StoryShots

Access to quick summaries of bestselling nonfiction books
Learn on your terms and at your own convenience
Get all the highlights of a book in as little as 15 minutes
Customize your reading experience
Enjoy multimedia content such as infographics and mind maps
Learn easily with animations, videos and curated content
Explore books in multiple languages

Pros and Cons Of StoryShots

Pros of StoryShots
  • Multiple language options
  • Customizable reading experience
  • Multimedia content
  • Access to long-form content for select titles
Cons of StoryShots
  • Limited selection of titles
  • No physical books
StoryShots Review

How Much Does StoryShots Cost?

StoryShots Lifetime Deal Price

StoryShots Lifetime Deal Price
StoryShots Lifetime Deal Price

StoryShots Regular Cost

StoryShots Regular Cost
StoryShots Regular Cost

Why You Should Get StoryShots?

Why You Should Get StoryShots
Why You Should Get StoryShots

StoryShots is an innovative microlearning app that provides quick and efficient summaries of bestselling nonfiction books.

With StoryShots, you will have access to a variety of multimedia content including text, audio, and video content in multiple languages.

Its customizable reading experience makes it easy to learn on your own terms. With concise summaries of books, you can learn quickly while staying up-to-date on the latest books available.

How Does StoryShots Work?

How Does StoryShots Work
How Does StoryShots Work
  1. Download the StoryShots app and create an account.
  2. Browse through the library of titles and pick one to read.
  3. Read, watch, or listen to the book summary.
  4. Highlight text and take notes directly in the app while reading or listening.
  5. Change the font size and playback speed to customize your experience.
  6. View book summaries, infographics, animations and videos
  7. Track your progress with a personal bookshelf.
  8. Access full versions of select titles, including long-form audio and video content.

StoryShots Features

StoryShots Features Details
StoryShots Features Details
  1. Offline access for on-the-go reading
  2. Remove annoying ads for a clean and distraction-free reading experience
  3. All animations, infographics and select full length books from the latest bestselling nonfiction titles
  4. Listen to audiobooks while you read or while you’re on the go
  5. Share your highlights and notes with colleagues and friends
  6. Get access to a growing library of full length ebooks
  7. Keep track of your reading list and never miss out on the latest titles
  8. All current and future books
  9. All infographics and select full books
  10. Highlighting and note-taking
  11. Read while you listen
  12. Multilingual content
  13. PDF and Kindle support


StoryShots is the perfect way to learn from the world’s bestselling nonfiction books with quick summaries, visuals, multimedia content, customizable reading experiences, and the ability to access full versions of select titles. Get all of these amazing features and more with StoryShots.


What is StoryShots?

StoryShots is the microlearning app that gives you thousands of text, audio, and animated book summaries. You’ll get access to quick summaries of bestselling nonfiction books, and the ability to read, watch, or listen to books.

What features does StoryShots offer?

StoryShots offers crossplatform support (in Android, iOS, Web and soon Mac and Windows), visuals such as infographics and mind maps, multimedia content such as interviews and animations, font customization for ebooks, playback speed customization for audiobooks, the ability to highlight text and take notes, and full versions of select books, including long-form audio and video content.

What languages are offered in StoryShots?

StoryShots offers content in several languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Polish and more coming soon.

How do I access StoryShots?

You can access StoryShots by downloading the app onto your Android or iOS device, or by visiting the website.

Does StoryShots offer full versions of books?

Yes, StoryShots offers full versions of select titles including long-form audio and video content.


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