Hexomatic Lifetime Deal Review: Best Work Automation Tool

Hexomatic is  A comprehensive work automation platform that lets you extract data from websites via scraper recipes and use ready-made automations that easily scale tasks. 

You have a lot of ideas and plans, but there are only so many hours in the day, resources to do things or ways to spend your time.

If you could leverage the power of AI, and the wisdom of a large crowd through a simple point and click automation platform. You can build the perfect workflows for your team and start doing more high value work.

Hexomatic is the best Alternative to: Texau, RITLA, Phantom Buster, Webscraper.io or Apify.

Key Features Of Hexomatic

  • No-code work automation
  • Cloud based web scraping platform
  • Over 60 ready-made automations can be used
  • Built in Proxy solution
  • Data Centre IP rotation
  • Advanced integrations
  • Discounted access to 3rd party service
  • Convert a website’s data into a spreadsheet or JSON format
  • Scraping recipe to analyze & listing from any website
  • Save in Google sheet or Excel sheet

Hexomatic Appsumo Lifetime Deal 

Hexomatic currently run lifetime deal on appsumo, choose any plan according to your business size. 

Hexomatic Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Lifetime Silver Package ( Normally $49/Mo) Offered For $98 One Time

  • 4,500 automation credits per month
  • 10 simultaneous running workflows
  • Advanced integrations
  • Create your own automation recipes
  • Data Centre IP rotation

Lifetime Gold Package (Normally $99/Mo) Offered For $196 One Time Purchase 

  • All Gold Plan Features
  • 10,000 automation credits per month
  • Unlimited simultaneous running workflows
  • API

Normal Hexomatic Pricing Plans 

Hexomatic Pricing Plans

Premium credit add-on : $4.99/monthly 

  • DeepL & Google Translate
  • Google & Google Maps data 
  • Email enrichment
  • Traffic analysis
  • Residential proxies
  • Amazon Data
  • Crowdsourced tasks
  • SEO backlink data

How Can You Use Hexomatic? Why Hexomatic?

Hexomatic is an intuitive application that gives you all of the tools you need to extract your data from the Internet without having to use complex code.

For a hassle-free data search experience, Hexomatic runs from the cloud and has the data center rotation included in all plans. Get a scraping recipe builder that makes it easy to scrape with a simple click!  Such as: 

  • Scrape products / directories
  • Prospects / listings 
  • Can Do Permutation and Combination on all the available automations 
  • Unique solution for your workflow 
  • Automated new video alerts 
  • Automated Outreaching  

Hexomatic was built for automation enthusiasts. Hexomatic provides an intuitive interface for creating automation recipes.

You can create a scraper recipe in seconds or use prebuilt automations to start working immediately.  Hexomatic has a unique feature that lets you scale your automation.

  • Scrape Data from the internet
  • Automate workflows
  • Scale tasks easily

Hexomatic Use Case: Features Explain 

You’ll get a list of the best scraping recipes and automations that can be combined together to automate your most time-consuming tasks. This lets you focus on running those tasks, not spending hours manually crafting your own scraping recipes.


Here are some example: 

  1. Use Scraping Recipe to Analyze and Info listing from any website 
  2. Find Leads From Google Map with few click 
  3. Monitor Amazon sellers 
  4. Easy Backlink SEO Outreach 
  5. Create Bulk Screenshot 
  6. SEO Analysis at high Scale 
  7. Convert image to scale

Here is an example of how this thing works. Info Collected from hexomatic official site. 

Scrape And Analyze Listings From Any Website

Scrape and analyze listings from any website
  • Scraping recipe: Scrape data from any website capturing product names, descriptions, prices, images etc.
  • SEO meta tags: Extract SEO meta title and meta descriptions 
  • Get word count: Word count for each page.

How To Find Find 100’s Of Lead In A Few Clicks Using Google Maps?

Find 100's of prospects in a few clicks using Google Maps

Step 1: Find Leads from google map 

Step 2: Find Email address 

Step 3: List all Social Media Profile 

Step 4: Analyze data of each website 

How To Automate Backlink Outreach Workflow With Hexomatic?

hexomatic SEO Backlink Outreach Workflow

Step 1: Google Search: Find Relevant website for Automation 

Step 2: Scrape Email Info 

Step 3: Scrape Social Info 

Step 4: Analyze Traffic 

Step 5: Finalize Outreach 

Hexomatic Use Case: Growth hacking 

Hexomatic For Ecommerce

Hexomatic For Ecommerce

The most important thing for you is to find the right tools that work for you, and Hexomatic is one of them. You’ll get everything you need to convert your site into a spreadsheet or API and take advantage of all those data points you’ve been gathering from your site.

  • Monitor competitor pricing 
  • Find product descriptions and images 
  • Collect customer reviews from competitors

Hexomatic For Sales Teams

Targeted leads are the fuel for your rocket ship if you sell to other businesses. On autopilot, find relevant prospects for just about every industry or niche.

Hexomatic For Sales Teams
  • Find Niche By Google Search 
  • Scrape directories
  • scraping conference attendees & sponsors
  • By Using Google Maps Find local businesses  

Learn more of Hexomatic use-case

Hexomatic Automation Recipe List 

Hexomatic Automation Recipe

Premium Automation 

Hexomatic Premium Automation
  1. AI Audio transcription: Automatically convert audio files into text
  2. AI Optical character recognition: Extract texts from images via Google Vision AI
  3. AI Text to speech: Text to speech conversion via Google Text-to-Speech
  4. AI image labeling: Extract image labels via Google Vision AI
  5. AI image safety: Image safety checks via Google Vision AI
  6. AI logo detection: Discover product logos within an image via Google Vision AI
  7. AI image safety: Image safety checks via Google Vision AI
  8. AI logo detection: Discover product logos within an image via Google Vision AI
  9. Amazon product search: Product searches on Amazon
  10. Amazon seller finder: Amazon searches and get information about the sellers
  11. Baidu search: Baidu searches and get SERP results
  12. Bing search: Bing searches and get SERP data
  13. DeepL Translate: Advanced machine translation via DeepL
  14. Email discovery: Discover email addresses found on the website 
  15. Google Maps: Google Maps searches and get SERP results
  16. Google News: Google News searches and get SERP results
  17. Google Search: Google searches and get SERP data
  18. Google Translate: Translation via Google Translate
  19. SEO backlink explorer: Find pages linking to any domain or a webpage
  20. SEO referring domains: Find referring domains linking to any domain 
  21. Yahoo search: Yahoo searches and get SERP results

Built in AUtomations 

Hexomatic  Built in Automation
  1.       Accessibility audit: Check any page compliance with accessibility standards
  2.       Crawler: Crawl any website extracting pages, 
  3.       Cryptocurrency converter
  4.       Currency converter
  5.       Data input: Provide your workflow with a text or file-based input
  6.       Date transformation: Change date from one format to another
  7.       Discord: Get notifications in Discord
  8.       Discover Tech Stack
  9.       Discover WHOIS
  10.   Discover profile: Discover contact details and social media profiles
  11.   Email Address Validation
  12.   Emails scraper
  13.   Extract domain from URL
  14.   Extract links from a page
  15.   Files & Documents finder 
  16.   Files compressor
  17.   Combine several files into a single zipped folder
  18.   Find & Replace: Dynamically append, prepend or replace data from a spreadsheet
  19.   Get page content
  20.   Get word count
  21.   Google Sheets (Export / Sync)
  22.   Google Sheets Import 
  23.   Grammar & spelling page audit 
  24.   Image converter
  25.   Keyword finder: Check the page for a keyword
  26.   Mathematical operations: Perform basic arithmetic operations
  27.   Measurement units converter: Convert one measurement unit to another
  28.   Numbers transformation: Change numbers from one format to another
  29.   Phone number scraper: Extract phone numbers from pages 
  30.   Pull contacts: Pull contact information found on the page
  31.   RSS feed extractor: Returns structured summary of a RSS feed 
  32.   Regex: Extract information from any text by searching for a specific search pattern
  33.   Remove duplicates from spreadsheet: Remove duplicates from the spreadsheet
  34.   SEO meta tags: Extract meta tags from any given URL
  35.   Schema scraper: Extract the schema structured data of any page 
  36.   Screenshot capture: Capture a full web page screenshot from a URL
  37.   Sitemap extractor: Extract all URLs from the sitemap
  38.   Slack: Get notifications in Slack
  39.   Social links scraper: Extract social media profile links from any URL
  40.   Telegram: Get notifications in Telegram
  41.   Text transformation: Change text from one format to another
  42.   URL status checker: Check the status of any URL
  43.   Video links extractor: Detects and extracts video links found on the page
  44.   Webhooks: Send data to any application via webhooks
  45.   XML sitemap generator: Generate one XML sitemap from all inputted URLs

Crowdsourced automations

 Hexomatic Crowdsourced automations
  1. Human-powered data collection: Ask a human assistant any question
  2. Yes / No human qualification: Ask a human assistant a yes/no question

Hexomatic Workflow Library

You can use Ready-made workflow or Design your own combining scraping or automations to make autopilot. 

Hexomatic Workflow Library
  1. Perform a site-wide accessibility audit
  2. Audit a list of pages for accessibility issues
  3. Audit businesses ranking on Google for accessibility issues
  4. Research backlink partners & contact details via list
  5. Crawl your website & create an XML sitemap
  6. Discover email addresses for a list of websites
  7. Research backlink partners & contact details via keyword
  8. Find all the pages that link to the top ranking websites
  9. Find all the pages that link to your competitors
  10. Find domains linking to the top ranking sites for a keyword
  11. Find domains that link to your competitors
  12. Find resources page SEO opportunities
  13. Extract meta tags for a list of URLS
  14. Discover tech stack for a list of websites
  15. Find B2B leads from Google Maps
  16. Check pages and create screenshots as mobile devices
  17. Competitor research from a list of domains
  18. Find email addresses and contact details for any domain in bulk
  19. Check competitors competing for Amazon listings
  20. Transcribe images in bulk
  21. Website SEO spelling and grammar audit
  22. Website broken links audit
  23. Crawl a website and generate an xml sitemap
  24. Verify a list of email addresses
  25. Find SEO backlink partners
  26. Find Bloggers or Influencers

Quick Guide How To Create Workflow on Hexomatic 

  • Right side toolbar 
  • Select the automation or Scraping recipes 
  • Add them to workflow 
  • Click Continue 
  • Run Now Or Schedule 

 Hexomatic Integrations Option 

 Hexomatic Integrations Option
  1. Google
  2. Discord
  3. Telegram
  4. Slack
  5. Google Sheet 
  6. Webhook 
  7. API 

Hexomatic Road Map: Future Innovation 

Hexomatic Road Map

To learn more visit their road map: Hexomatic Roadmap


Hexomatic is a great tool for extracting information from webpages. It can be used to pull data from a webpage to create a report that can be shared with clients or colleagues. You can also use it to build a website by pulling data from websites and adding it to a page. The best part is that Hexomatic doesn’t require any coding knowledge to build your own custom reports and websites. 

You can use readymade automations and a team of human assistants to delegate and scale tasks with the help of Hexomatic. automate your daily tasks and save time.

Get Hexomatic Lifetime Deal Today!


Can Hexomatic Scrape Data from Password-Restricted Pages?

Yes, They have the ability to login as part of the scraping automation.

Can I use Hexomatic to perform Social media automations?

You can use it for scraps but It’s not designed to perform automated following, liking, connection requests.

What is the difference between Hexomatic and app integration automation platforms?

Automation:  Hexomatic allows you to create custom website scraping recipes or use their ready-made template.  App integration:You can connect with Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Integrately and Syncspider.

Which websites can I scrape using Hexomatic?

Hexomatic features a built in website scraper that you can program to extract text, numbers or images at scale with pagination support. Some websites employ more advanced countermeasures which may block our requests. craping engine comes with built-in rotating IP’s that helps prevent this. (source: Hexomatic)

What is the difference between Hexomatic and Hexowatch?

Hexowatch is a change monitoring platform that can alert you when visual, content, keyword, source code, price, availability and backlink changes are detected. Hexomatic is a work automation platform that enables you to capture data, run automations and leverage 3rd party services.

Hexomatic In-Depth Review

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